Our goal here at Earthling Beauty is to enhance your daily life. We want products to bring you pleasure, relaxation and a connection to nature.  While we provide you with a complete list of ingredients in each of our products, each Earthling (that's you!) must determine what's right for him or herself.  Our products do not treat or prevent diseases or ailments of any kind, nor can we take responsibility for your health. We are not doctors or health care providers - we a nature lovers making the most pure and LOVE-filled skincare on Earth!

Always test a new product on a small patch of your skin before applying to your entire face, and discontinue immediately (and contact your healthcare provider) if irritation occurs.  Some individuals are sensitive to certain oils or aromas, so use care when reading our extensive, all-natural product list prior to purchasing.  In other words, have fun and use your own common sense!


We truly hope you will love your products as much as we love making them for you. We source only the highest quality, sustainably grown ingredients from small family farms.  We donate a portion of every sale into our sister nonprofit, The Edible Apartment. In short, there is love and care in all aspects of our company.

As a small team offering a handmade product that cannot be returned to stock, we do not offer refunds or cancellations, so please consider our policy prior to purchase and choose carefully.  We ship all of our packages via First Class US Postal Service (will provide you with a tracking number) so please consider the security of your designated delivery location. Once your purchase is packaged with care and shipped with care - and is then verified as delivered by the USPS - we have fulfilled our purchase agreement. We cannot be responsible for unattended packages on doorsteps or mailboxes.  Thank you for your understanding.

As always, we are here for you should you have questions, comments, ideas or anything you'd like to share. Just reach out to us at

- The Earthling Beauty Team