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International Naked Gardening Day is Jill's favorite holiday

International Naked Gardening Day is Jill's favorite holiday

Hello Earthlings and Happy New Year! We're excited to launch our brand new blog as a means to share more about us as a company and offer a space to support, inspire, educate and inform you, our favorite Earthlings.  We hope this can be an interactive place where comments on content and suggestions for future features are always welcome.  Thank you for all the support, orders, feedback and LOVE you've showed on us over the past year - it means the world to us! To kick off the new blog, here's a Q & A with Earthling's Founder, Jill Volat. Enjoy!

Q: You call your LOVE Potions "Portable Gardens." You clearly love gardens. When did you first get your hands in the soil? 

JV: My dad got me outdoors and digging in the dirt before I entered elementary school. That sense of being at home in a garden has never left me. It's a sacred space to me.

Q: How did Earthling Beauty come to be?

JV: There are three main reasons as to why Earthling was born. First, as a child growing up in my parents' garden I played make believe that I was mixing flowers into beauty "potions" and somehow always just knew I'd have my own line one day. Second, I could never find the high quality serums my sensitive skin needed in stores - even the higher priced products felt watered down to me - so I spent a few years formulating my own. Third, I needed a product to represent and fund my urban farming nonprofit so a botanical-based skincare line seemed like the perfect fit. I took my childhood dream and combined it with my years of tinkering and testing my own skincare and launched it as a way to fund the the nonprofit. It all came together perfectly - just like a garden.

Q: Tell us more about The Edible Apartment.

A: It's the nonprofit I founded that transforms the front yards of apartment buildings into organic urban farms. The the goal of each site (there have been eight and counting) is to create a sustainable food source, build community and beautify the surrounding neighborhood. I didn't think it was fair that only homeowners owners had the ability to grow their own food so I sort of turned that model upside down.  My hope is to show people what's possible and that you don't need to follow how things have been done in the past - you can carve your own path. Ten percent of every Earthling sale goes directly to the nonprofit (which is a 100% volunteer organization).  

Q: What are your goals for Earthling?

A. My goals are for it to be understood as a lifestyle, philosophy and attitude, not just a product. Being an EARTHLING BEAUTY means that you approach to life and wellness in your own way, embracing your individuality while still taking action knowing that everything on the earth (people, animals, plants) is connected.

Q: Ok last question, what's with International Naked Gardening Day?!

A:  Haha. That's actually a real thing. Look it up. The day falls in early May.  I take a picture in my garden each year to celebrate!

You can follow Jill's personal instagram account at @the.farmista and The Edible Apartment's at @theedibleapartment. And if you want to learn more about the nonprofit, here's the link to the website: www.TheEdibleApartment.org

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